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Community Day Core Group receives grant for 2018

Next year’s Community Day programming will benefit from a fresh injection of funds, thanks to £500—or $647— in seed money awarded to the Community Day Core Group (CDCG) in April by the Round Square Anniversary Challenge (RSAC).
An international organization based in the United Kingdom that connects 150 schools across the globe, Round Square created the RSAC this fall to celebrate its 50th anniversary and encourage member schools to create social change on their campuses.
Head of School Rebecca Upham and Director of Global Education Karina Baum learned of the challenge in Switzerland at the 2016 Round Square International Conference (RSIC), which they attended last October before shepherding BB&N through the application process for membership. The school officially joined the Round Square network this year.
Dr. Baum said she encouraged the CDCG to seek the funding because their work on Community Day was most appropriate for the challenge.
“What these students are doing is exactly what we want to see in our community at large,” Dr. Baum said. “Ultimately, Community Day will allow us to become more empathetic, educated, and appreciative of others’ social, political, and cultural backgrounds.”
The group submitted its proposal for the RSAC in March, stating that the purpose of Community Day—to create discussion about identity and diversity—promoted the challenge’s stated goal. The CDCG wrote that they hoped to use the prize money to pay for speakers, purchase supplies for art-themed workshops, and buy materials and invite local groups to create culturally immersive experiences, such as witnessing a performance, cooking food, or participating in a cultural holiday’s tradition, CDCG member Alia Rizvi ’18 said.
“Because we’re so focused on academics, I think we’re not really exposed to some of the issues that exist outside of the school,” CDCG member Elijah Davis ’18 said, referring to the discrimination he believes many people experience.
“Once we get out of here, we’ll have to face them, and it’s important that people know Community Day not only helps us become aware of the barriers some of our diverse community might experience, but [it is] also kind of an investment in our futures as socially aware people,” he said.
In April, the group received an email notification from Round Square that it had been granted £500 along with the chance to receive an additional award provided they submit updates on Community Day preparation and a final report—in the form of a video, photos, or a written response—about the day.
The group will have the opportunity to win more funding at the RSIC in October 2017, when the organization plans to present awards for “Inventiveness, Tenacity, Problem Solving,” “Commitment to Sustainability,” and “Greatest Whole-School Involvement.”
“I am really looking forward to using the Round Square grant to further our commitment to making Community Day inclusive, informative, and fun for everyone who participates. There is definitely a lot that can be improved about the day—this support is just what we need to kick-start our planning,” CDCG member Lucy Goldfarb ’18 said.9

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