Chew On This: Three trendy foods you need to know about

Fried sushi rolls are becoming increasingly popular across the east coast, thanks to the Atlanta restaurant Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. This twist on traditional Japanese food has spread to the restaurant 2nd City in the West Village of New York City (NYC). While some prefer the traditional raw fish wrapped in seaweed, the fried layer adds a crunchy texture to the original sushi components. Although I personally prefer sushi au natural, go ahead and try this interesting combo the next time you’re in NYC! However, you won’t be able to claim your sushi-eating is healthy anymore.


This next trend—Halo Top ice cream—may be one you’ve already heard about. Created by a Los Angeles lawyer, the dessert has become America’s bestselling ice cream pint. Of the myriad flavors ranging from plain chocolate and vanilla bean to rainbow swirl and s’mores, my favorite is the green tea mocha. But the best part of this ice cream is that, depending on the flavor, there are only 200 to 350 calories per pint. This brand, made with natural ingredients and less sugar, creates a lighter texture and moderately sweet aftertaste that does not sacrifice health for flavor. In fact, I enjoy Halo Top more than regular ice cream. Halo Top recently opened a storefront in L.A., but you can buy pints of the various flavors from your local grocery store—the perfect guilt-free dessert!


Our last dessert, Japanese cheesecake, is made by separating and whipping six to nine egg whites into a meringue and then adding the mixture back to the batter to aerate the entire cake. This gives the cake its characteristic fluffy appearance, separating it from its thinner Western counterpart. As a person that dislikes dense, overly sweet desserts, I find the perfect amount of sweetness in this cake’s extremely light, airy texture. For some delightful Japanese cheesecake, I suggest going to either Kaguya Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Boston or Japonaise Bakery in Brookline.

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