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        I, along with many of you, have been entranced by videos floating around the Internet of people making rolled ice cream. Popularized in

Thailand, rolled ice cream entered the United States last year, taking

America by storm. For this dessert, a milk-based liquid is poured onto a cooled steel grill. Metal paddles are then used to mix the liquid and add cookies or fruit to the mixture as it begins to freeze. Finally, the frozen liquid is spread smoothly across the grill and scraped into rolls. I was surprised by this dessert’s crumbly texture and moderate sweetness. Try it at Hi B3ar in Allston.


       Sushi burritos are a conglomeration of two amazing foods in one dish. First conceptualized by San Francisco’s restaurant chain Sushiritto, sushi burritos are your favorite Asian foods rolled up inside a nori—or seaweed—“tortilla.” They can include typical sushi ingredients such as raw salmon, tuna, and tofu, or traditional Korean foods such as kimchi, bulgogi beef, and pickled radish. Recently, I tried a sushi burrito during a trip to D.C. and was delighted by its lightness and freshness. New Sushi, Inc. in Boston offers customizable sushi burritos.


       Fondue is no longer the only popular cheese dish in America. Eater Magazine recognized “raclette,” a traditional Swiss cheese dish, as part of America’s “melted cheese renaissance.” Raclette involves warming a wheel of cheese at a customer’s table and using a knife to scrape the melted cheese onto potatoes, vegetables, and other finger foods. Restaurants in Boston such as The Salty Pig and Aquitaine serve raclette along with other French and European meals. Everyone, including myself, needs to try this up-and-coming dish soon!

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