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BeeBee&N abuzz with eco-efforts

The BeeBee&N Bee event, hosted by the Eco-Representatives (Eco-Reps), took place on January 11 in the Community Room and aimed to raise awareness about the importance of preserving bees. The event featured a documentary, a bake sale, a raffle, a handful of petitions supporting bee conservation, and other attractions, in  the process raising $80 for bee preservation efforts. All attractions were created by the four Eco-Reps. Anna Mackey baked, Katie Randall and Pierce Haley helped with petitions, and Thomas Sulikowski filmed and edited the documentary.

Pierce Haley, Thomas Sulikowski, Anna Mackey, and Katie Randall (all ’19)  



Students explore the bee event. “I admired the Eco-Reps’ determination to save some of the world’s most important assets to agriculture and the eco-system,” attendee Laila Shadid ’19 said. “I had a fantastic time at the BeeBee&N event. The honey sticks were delicious!”

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