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Last summer, for the first time in five years, the tennis courts in the Nicholas Athletic Center received an upgrade with a resurfacing job and new layer of paint.

“It was the recommendation the manufacturer made when they originally installed the courts five years ago,” Mr. Richard said, adding that the courts were in good condition but slightly worn from multiple tennis and hockey seasons.

Cape Island and Tennis, the manufacturing company, came to the NAC on August 28 to begin the three-day resurfacing process, and a second company joined for a day to repaint the courts’ white boundary lines.

Boys’ Varsity Tennis player Aaron Rasin ’20 said he is looking forward to using the new courts this spring.

“I’m excited because the old tennis courts were really fast, [so] the ball would skid and not pop up as much after it bounced, making play difficult,” he said.

Simru Sonmez-Erbil ’20, who plays tennis at the school in both the fall and the spring, said she thought the upgraded courts enhanced the athletic facilities overall.

“The courts really improved over the summer!” she said. “They look a lot better and feel like a cleaner space.”

Assistant Athletic Director Greg Pugh agrred: “The resurfacing job refreshes the courts and makes them look brand new.”

—Eliza LaRovere ’20

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