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Abhi Ashutosh ’12 creates iPhone app “Event Book”

By Lydia Wang

Have trouble staying organized and keeping track of deadlines, work, and activities? Alumnus Abhinay Ashutosh ’12 has a solution: his new app, Event Book, which was released on February 11 and hit over 10,000 times just one week later.

“As a busy student in college, I needed a better way to manage my multiple schedules. I often found myself having to check multiple sources, maps, and calendars,” said Abhi, who is currently a freshman at New York University. “Event Book’s main selling point, other than the fact that it’s one of the most functional apps on the market and it’s free, is that the app integrates weather, location, maps, and traditional calendar events to create a unified calendar experience. Event Book combines extreme functionality with a beautiful user interface.”

The app organizes data in a variety of ways, including the Day Timeline view, the Day List view, the Week Flip view, and the Month Book view. It is currently listed in Apple’s “New & Noteworthy” list and ranked as one of the Top 10 Productivity apps in five countries.

Abhi credits Math Teacher Mark Fidler for supporting and inspiring him during his time at BB&N.

“Mr. Fidler was the one who originally got me interested in programming all the way back in ninth grade geometry class,” he said. “I really loved it, and the following summer, I taught myself Java and added AP Computer Science to my tenth grade schedule.”

According to Mr. Fidler, Abhi has always shown promise as a student. “[He] was in my AP Computer Science class, and I most remember his enthusiasm and burning desire to learn anything in the field, even beyond the curriculum.”

This willingness to learn and determination has stayed with Abhi and played an important role when he planned Event Book. “I initially sketched out designs bringing together the most used features of Apple’s Calendar, refining existing features, and adding new ones I needed for day-to-day use,” he explained. “Over the next three months I continued to refine the design, add and refine features, and code the entire application. Along the way, I asked friends to test the app, got feedback, and continued to make Event Book as user-friendly and fun to use as possible.”

The process of creating Event Book took approximately three months of challenging and time-consuming work. “It was definitely a difficult process, but I was able to learn everything very quickly,” Abhi added.

“He was an amazingly independent, self-motivated learner, which is critical for success in in his field,” Mr. Fidler said. “His success does not surprise me at all.”

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